Installation Ideas:

Here's some great ideas on how and where to install GPS units in vehicles. Like to post your photos here? Drop me an email.

bulletOverhead Land Cruiser 80 Series - Colin Mellon
bulletLaptop in a Hilux 4WD - John Tserkezis
bulletMotor Cycle using a RAM mount - Burnie Morgan
bulletMagellan 320 installation idea - Peter
bulletGeoff Greig - Mobile Phone Holder idea
bulletBertrand Schmitt - HiLux Surf
bulletMick Barson - Land Cruiser + Etrex & 2nd Photo
bulletGraeme Harrison - Land Cruiser 80 Series
bulletBob Morrison. (Morro) - Jeep, Photo1, Photo2
bulletKendall Seifert  - Land Cruiser 80 Series
bulletPaul Brennan's Land Cruiser 80 Series
bulletDave Crook's 89 Jackeroo
bulletCarlos Puch Madrid, Spain, '91 Jeep, Photo1, Photo2