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bulletAustralian Names Database files for use with OziExplorer's Search by Place Name function
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Map File Library:

A collection of .MAP files for use with OziExplorer 

For every map, your own scanned or a commercially sourced one, you use in OziExplorer you need a .MAP file. This file contains, among other things, the georeferencing information needed to translate X, Y coordinates in your bit map to Latitude and Longitude. Below you'll find a series of MAP files, in ZIP format, already created for a variety of commercially available mapping products. Simply download the ZIP file, then unzip then into the appropriate OziExplorer directory.

Feel free to send me your .MAP files and I'll add them to the library below.

PLEASE NOTE these are only the calibration files for OziExplorer (.map files), you need to PURCHASE the actual maps. See mapping products for more details.

You may need to use the File -> Change Image FIle Name, Path & Drive option within OziExplorer if you have copied the actual map image files from CD to a hard drive.

UBD Australian City Streets

  UBD V6    UBD V5    UBD V4      UBD V3    

UBD Australian Regional Cities & Towns

  UBD Regional V4    UBD Regional V3  


NSW Lands TopoView Raster 2006:

bullet Topoview 2006 - updated 3-Apr-2007, now includes updated map names!


LPI TopoView Maps 1:25,000 series:



NATMAP 1:100K series 2010


NATMAP Digital Maps


NATMAP Raster Mosaic 2003 - GA2088NATMAP Raster Mapsheets 2003 - GA2134 NATMAP Raster 2005

bullet Standard Edition
bullet Premium Edition



NATMAP Raster Mosaic 2003 - GA2088NATMAP Raster Mapsheets 2003 - GA2134 NATMAP Raster 2003

bullet MOSAIC


NATMAP Raster Maps V3:

bulletCD1 - WA and NT  
bulletCD2 -  QLD, NSW, VIC, TAS and SA

HEMA Australia 4WD Raster Map Collection

bullet 2010
bullet 2008

Sunmap Raster Topographic Mapsheets Sunmap Raster 1:25,000 series:

bulletSunmap sheets.zip
bulletSunmap Mosiac.zip




 LPI's StateView product:




AUSLIG Raster Maps  V2 (2 CD Version)

bulletAuslig V2 - CD1
bulletAuslig V2 - CD2


For AUSLIG Raster Maps V1 (7 CD Version)

bulletCD1 NSW Vic & Tas
bulletCD2 Sth Qld
bulletCD3 Nth Qld
bulletCD4 SA
bulletCD5 NT
bulletCD6 Sth WA - Updated 4-Mar-05 for better OziCE usage
bulletCD7 Nth WA - Updated 4-Mar-05 for better OziCE usage
bulletClick here for all 540 .MAP files. (373 KB ZIP file)

1998, 2000 and 2001 Perth STREET EXPRESS Digital Street Directory CD

Thanks to Greg, Will and Colin, all the .MAP files you need!


Click here 1998 and the 2000 Digital Street
Directory CD


Click here 2001 Digital Street Directory CD


Click here 2002 Digital Street Directory CD


Click here 2002 Digital Streetsmart Premium

bulletClick here for the MAP files for V5.2 of VICroads