Garmin Mapping FAQ

Mapping that can be loaded to your Garmin mapping GPS receiver

City Navigator

I notice that some Garmin mapping products are available on CD/DVD or a data card. Which should I get ?
Each format has advantages.
With the CD/DVD Windows PC software is included and useful for trip planning. Also, more than one mapping product can be loaded into your unit. The unlock code cannot be transferred to other units. Some units are packaged with the CD/DVD version.
Data cards are 'plug and play' and are ready to go once inserted. They may be swapped to other units that use the same data card format. If you have more than one mapping product then you would need to swap data cards. The  maps will not work if copied to another data card. No PC software is included.

How do I load the maps onto my Garmin GPS mapping receiver?
MapSource products are provided on CDs or DVDs and need a Windows PC and either a serial data cable or USB cable (depending on the GPS receiver) to load them. Products with unlock codes must be unlocked on Garmins website. You will need to install the MapSource product on the PC, enter the unlock code into the MapSource program, connect the GPS receiver and load the selected maps.

Some mapping products are also available on preloaded Garmin format, SD or microSD data cards. You need to identify the format used by your unit. Not all units can use data cards. Garmin preloaded data cards do not include PC software.

When MapSource products and GPS receivers are purchased from GPSOZ we will preload them, if requested, at no extra charge!  

I have purchased a SP2610 (or SP c320). Do I need to use Garmins unlock web page to use the included City Navigator mapping ?
If purchased in Australia, these products come packaged with both a City Navigator CD and City Navigator preloaded on a memory card. The maps are already unlocked. Also included is the 25 digit unlock code on a small yellow piece of paper. We recommend that you carefully store this unlock code along with the CD. You will need to enter the unlock code into MapSource on the PC in order to view the detailed maps on the PC. You do not need to use Garmins unlock web page unless you wish to upgrade your maps.

Where is Garmins unlock web page?

Why do City Navigator, MetroGuide and BlueChart maps use unlock codes?
Mapping information is provided by external mapping suppliers who agree licencing conditions with Garmin. Unlock codes are now being used to stop unlicensed use of the maps

Where can I get free updates to MapSource?
The MapSource viewing and loading program is regularly updated by Garmin and downloads of this program are free;
The MapSource maps are updated approx every 12 to 18 months and are chargeable. Upgrades are at a reduced price and must be installed over an older version

I have installed my MapSource product on the PC but when I zoom in I cannot see any detail. What is wrong ?
You do not have an unlock code for that product loaded into MapSource on the PC

I have borrowed an unlock code from my friend and can view the detailed maps on my PC. When I download the maps to my GPS receiver it will not display them. What is wrong ?
The unlock code is tied to both the type of product and the serial number of an individual GPS receiver. This is the expected behaviour of an unlicensed product.

Can I load Magellans Great Desert Tracks (or other Magellan mapping products) to my Garmin GPS receiver?
No, you can only load Garmin mapping products on Garmin GPS receivers

Can I load Garmin mapping products to my Magellan GPS receiver?
No, you can only load Magellan mapping products such as DiscoverAus

Can I load raster maps to my Garmin GPS receiver?
No, you cannot load raster maps on either Garmin or Magellan GPS receivers

Can I use my Mac to view and load MapSource maps?
MapSource maps are designed to run on Windows PCs.
Some users have had success with VirtualPC but Garmin does not support this product

I have more than one MapSource product loaded to my GPS receiver but it only displays one product. What is wrong?
When more than one mapset is loaded for the same area and more than one mapset is enabled, only the highest priority enabled mapset will display. An exception is transparent maps (such as OZtopo 20M Contours) which will display on top of the highest priority map.
The priority order is as follows;
- City Navigator
- MetroGuide
- BlueCharts
- Tracks4Australia
- WorldMap
- the receivers basemap

I have City Navigator and Tracks4Australia loaded on my GPS receiver. I have both mapsets enabled. I know that Tracks4Australia has more coverage of 4WD roads (but without auto-routing) but I am seeing only main highways in rural areas. What is wrong?
See above. You need to manually unselect City Navigator in the GPS receiver in order for Tracks4Australia to be displayed.
Note that if you try to auto-route with only Tracks4Australia enabled then the unit will use its basemap which will have only main roads and be less accurate (the route may deviate from the roads displayed in Tracks4Australia).

I am trying to load a second MapSource product into my GPS receiver but it keeps deleting the previous mapset. What is wrong?
This is the expected behaviour of the MapSource program. To load map segments from 2 or more MapSource products you must select and load them all in one PC session.

I appear to have deleted the built in basemap of my unit. How do I get it back?
You cannot delete the basemap of your Garmin GPS receiver. If you have a detailed map loaded then it will display instead of the basemap. To view the basemap, manually unselect the detailed map in the GPS receiver.