Hema HX-1 Navigator vs HN7

Hema HX-1 Navigator
Hema HX-1 Navigator
Hema Navigator HN7 
Hema Navigator HN7



7-inch capacitive multi-touch screen
(pinch and stretch)

7-inch resistive touch screen

Display resolution




5000mAh Li-Poly (5+ hours off charge with continuous use)

1500mAh Li-Poly (1.5 hours off charge with continuous use)

Internal memory

16GB (6GB available)


RAM (processing power)



Expandable memory

Up to 32GB

Up to 32GB

Micro SD slot



Rear-facing camera
Reverse camera input

Headphone jack
Tempered glass screen protector


Software & Utilities

Operating system Android 4.4 Windows CE
Wi-Fi enabled

Street Navigation

Navigation program

iGO Navigation

iGO Navigation

Data providers

HERE road data, Hema track data

HERE road data, Hema track data

Australia & New Zealand mapping
Turn-by-turn voice guidance
Speed/red light cameras, school zones
3D buildings/landmarks
Visual lane guidance
Camps & Caravan Parks Australia Wide POI 
Camps Snaps site images
Interactive Hema POI

Off-Road Navigation

Navigation program

Hema off-road navigation


Map providers

Hema, HERE, Geoscience Australia, States of Queensland, South Australia, Victoria & Tasmania, TopoDude, Land of Property Information

Hema, Geoscience Australia

Map sources

Hema maps
- Hema Explorer Map (1:18Million - 1:9k)
- Digitised Hema 4WD & touring maps: Cape York, Fraser Island, High Country Victoria, Kimberley, Great Desert Tracks
- Hema 1:1Million Road

HERE maps
HERE Street mapping
HERE Terrain mapping
HERE Satellite/Aerial Imagery mapping

State Government topographic maps
New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia,  Victoria, Tasmania

Hema maps

- Hema 1:250K Topo 
- Hema 1:1Million Road 
- Digitised Hema 4WD & touring maps
- Digitised Hema state maps 

Interactive Hema POI
Create waypoints

Create point-by-point routes
Quick Routing route generator
Take geotagged photos
Import & export GPX files
Share trips over Wi-Fi
Weather & rain radar tools (online)
Placename search


Map Updates

Wireless updates
Street map updates

3 years free

2 years free

4WD map updates

Free for the life of the unit

Available for purchase online

Price (RRP)