Some tips and tricks to get the most out of your NAVMAN iPaq GPS sleeve:

0) Latest firmware - always start here!

1) The Sydway map data is pretty big, like 140 MB, am I trying to import the right files? I guess a CF card is in order... Should be .OZF2 files and the .MAP files. OZF2 are large about 137mb in total.

Yes this map size may be expected based on chosen zooms levels etc. Yes a CF card would be the way to go. Cheaper than SD format cards for some reason.

2) The OziExplorer has 'Demo Version' written on the screen, and comes up with an announcement all the time saying the same thing. Will the key fix this?

Yes by registering OziExplorer/CE the 'Demo Version' watermark will disappear.

3) I've loaded some of the Stateview maps onto the iPAQ, but when I press the GPS button, it says it isn't receiving GPS data, although the Navman basic software has a position fix.

Have a look at the NAVMAN Info software and see what com port and baud rate its saying. It should say something like com5:57600 Make sure this is set correctly in OE (FILE->CONFIGURATION->MOVINGMAP)

4) Does the Stateview software have more detailed maps for Sydney than the 1:100,000 scale ones (down to individual street level?)

Have a look at map 17 1:100,000. It's the largest scale on that CD.

5) I tried the GPS out in the car this morning, and it wouldn't get a fix. It said it was tracking 7 satellites, but I think that might be residual from last time, as it wouldn't show a new fix.

One characteristic of ALL GPS units, regardless of brand and type, is that they don't like to trying to get an initial fix while on the move. If you try it, it may take > 20 minutes if your travelling more than 60 kph. It's a bit like trying to manually tune in a radio station while a on bumpy road - you keep jumping over the frequency. So the best thing you can do, if practical, is to turn on the GPS before moving off. A fix should occur within 30-60 secs. This assumes of course that you have a clear view of the sky.

I have also found that getting a fix seems to be quicker if you use the Navman MAPINFO program first, close it down then start Oziexplorer. This is only a recent observation and I'm working with the Oziexplorer guys to see if there is anything they can do to speed up getting a fix in OE.

6) I get errors saying no data received from GPS.

Make sure only one "GPS" program is running. ie OziExploer and MAPINFO CANNOT be run at the same time. Use the "close all background tasks" to close down all other "GPS" programs.

7) Occasionally the rubber suction mount falls off. What can I do it improve the stickyness?

bulletMake sure the windscreen is *really* clean and dry, use the alcohol wipe supplied
bulletApply some moisture to the suction cup (clean water is good) before sticking it on the windscreen
bulletApply the suction mount to the windscreen when the screen is warm or hot, ie midday, rather than first thing in the morning.