A handy utility to change the drive letter and/or directory in each .MAP file.

Many thanks to George Scolaro for this great utility. He writes:

I've attached an .exe file that might come in handy for folks using oziexplorer. I noticed that the .map files contain the path of the .tif (or whatever) that they relate to. Since not every one (and I certainly don't with my work machine and home machine) have the same path, it's a bit of a pain to have to go and manually edit all the .map files to reflect the actual .tif map locations. So, I wrote a simple little program to automate this. It's called mapfix.exe and it takes two parameters. The first is the filespec (wildcards are allowed) that you want to change, the second is the new drive/path etc. Make sure you run mapfix in the directory that contains the .map files that you want to change.

Update (May 2000)

MAPFIX V1.10 now takes three parameters, map file names, new directory spec and new file extension. (thanks Russell)

mapfix V1.10 27-May-2000
mapfix [-v] <filespec> <dir> <ext>
-v - be verbose (optional)
<filespec> - .map files to fix, wildcards allowed
<dir> - new drive and directory (e.g. 'c:\mydir').
Trailing '\' is optional. Use quotes (") to included spaces.
<ext> - new extension (e.g. 'tif'). Leading '.' is optional.

e.g. 1

mapfix *.map d:\data\maps\images .bmp
This will take all files with a .map extension and change the 3rd line (which seems to be where ozi puts the .tif pathname) to the new specified path (d:\ in this case). It will also change all file extensions to .BMP

e.g. 2

mapfix sh*.map e:\mymaps\ .tif

This will take all files that start with sh with extension .map and change the 3rd line to the new specified path (e:\mymaps\ in this case). Also changes extensions to .tif

Click here to download latest version of MAPFIX.EXE (v1.10 27-May-2000) 

Click here to download MAPFIX_V1.EXE (v1.0)