Several people have requested information about the latest release of Auslig's Raster 250K product called Release 2. There is also a rumour going around that the original 2 CD set has been recalled. This is NOT true. There are no map changes between Release 1 and Release 2 so if you are using a moving map software package like OziExplorer, that directly reads the .ECW files, there is no need to 'upgrade' or replace your Release 1 CD's.

After talking to AUSLIG, the changes that have been made from Release 1 to Release 2 are:

bulletDocumentation: Rel 2 now states correctly that the maps are in  (UTM) Universal Transverse Mercator projection.
bulletThe maps are now georeferenced by UTM as opposed to LAT/LONG in Rel 1

Unrelated to the above, AUSLIG have had CD production problems during the first quarter of this year (2001). This has caused a shortage of the product and a very small number of unreadable CD's being sold. The product should now be readily available.

There is no upgrade pricing from Rel 1 to Rel 2. However unreadable Rel 1 CD's as a result of production problems will be replaced.