In-Dash X Series
7500 Upgrades
430 & 500  Upgrades

Onroad/offroad GPS systems by


In-dash units:

bulletTouring x500 Series II - the latest in in-dash GPS units designed for full integration.
New Series II models now available.

Portable in-car units:

bullet Touring 700HD X - 7" portable unit with reversing camera option

Map upgrades
2017 Map upgrades, for portable units and 7500 in Dash now available.

bulletLatest Mapping from TomTom
bulletincludes 5 years of street map upgrades via internet download
bulletiGo Primo street Navigation software (in-dash units & Touring 700HD)


bulletDetails on map upgrades for in dash 7500 here
bulletDetails on map upgrades for Touring 430, 500, 500s, 600 and 700HD here

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